Each watch purchased comes with a warranty / owner certificate.
The certificate states the number of the watch, the main information about the buyer and the product, signed and stamped by Raivana staff. With this, we ensure fast and safe service to our customers.

Insurance is included with every watch purchased:

The watch is always guaranteed for 2 years in the event of manufacturing defects.

1. Processing of orders

All orders are processed within 1-2 working days.
If the product is not in stock, there will be a customer service representative
contact us and announce the estimated delivery time of the product. But if the product is sold out and
unavailable within the time limit we let the person know and refund the product or find
a similar product that the buyer is happy with.

2. Processing of orders / picked up at the store

Delivery time for goods is usually after 12:00 the day after ordering.

Return and exchange rights regarding products purchased in an online store. A 14-day right of return is granted when purchasing a product in exchange for the presentation of a sales invoice that satisfactorily shows when the product was purchased. The product must be unused, in perfect condition and in its original undamaged packaging when returned.

4. Terms of warranty

A warranty card or receipt that accompanies the product must be presented when a defective product is delivered repair.

We offer a minimum 2 year warranty on all our products according to consumer law, valid from trading day. The warranty only covers factory defects that truly appear in the product the warranty period.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on a product, such as scratches or other accidents that lead to damage to the product.

The warranty does not give the right to demand a new product in place of the defective ones. In other respects, reference is made to the Act on Furniture and Distance Selling Agreements No. 46/2000 and the Act on Consumer Purchases.

5. Confidentiality

Raivana promises customers the utmost confidentiality and will not disclose personal information third parties under any circumstances.

6. Law and venue

Law and venue This agreement is in accordance with Icelandic law. If a case arises because of him, it shall operated before the Reykjavík District Court.